Where Are Fletch & Vaughan Headed In 2014?

UPDATE: 15/04/14: Turns out they’re moving to ZM! Read all about it here: http://www.zmonline.com/randomstuff/polly-grant-fletch-vaughan-megan

Fletch and Vaughan’s last radio show at The Edge was on December 24, 2013. There still hasn’t been any official announcement as to what station or what time slot they’ll be moving to (or even when they’ll start), but we do know they’ve been picked up by The Radio Network (TRN). TRN is effectively one of only two major players in the New Zealand radio market, the other being MediaWorks, the company that owns The Edge.

Due to the change in networks, Fletch and Vaughan are currently contractually unable to publicly talk about any of these missing details. But that doesn’t mean we can’t speculate!

What do we know? Very little. But based on TRN’s press release, we do know they’re set to ‘work on one of [TRN’s] recently refreshed brands’. So what ‘brands’ do they have?

• Newstalk ZB
• Classic Hits FM
• ZM
• Radio Sport
• Radio Hauraki
• Easy Mix
• Flava
• Coast

I think it’s almost certain they won’t end up on Newstalk ZB, Radio Sport, Easy Mix or Coast, and I think it’s safe to say it won’t be Classic Hits FM or Flava either. So that really only leaves two options: ZM or Radio Hauraki.

My bet: Radio Hauraki.

Why? Firstly, Hauraki’s branding was ‘recently refreshed’. Early last year, it went through a major revamp after years of stagnation and poor results. High-profile broadcasters like Fletch and Vaughan would bring a huge boost to the station’s numbers. Secondly, I think Hauraki ‘suits’ the musical interests of Fletch and Vaughan better than a hit music station like ZM or The Edge. If you’ve ever listened to the ‘International Podcast Shout-Outs’ feature of their podcasts, you’ll know what I mean.

There are really only two timeslots that would be suitable for Fletch and Vaughan’s new show. Breakfast or drive — the two most popular slots of the day. Currently on ZM the breakfast slot is occupied by Polly and Grant while Jay and Flynny host the drive slot — and it looks to stay that way for 2014 — both Polly and Grant and Jay and Flynny made comments on their respective Facebook pages indicating that they would be staying in their positions this year.

Over on Hauraki, a brand new breakfast show was recently announced (Matt, Jeremy and Laura) and the station’s other timeslots were shuffled around. At the moment, there’s only one announcer on the prime drive slot: Mikey Havoc (who was moved from the weeknight slot). Last year, there were two announcers. Most big radio stations have two (or more) announcers in the prime slots, so it’s unusual that out of all the new shows on Hauraki, only the breakfast show has more than one(UPDATE: Hauraki’s website is now listing that several weekend shows have more than one announcer).

And so I think this is where Fletch and Vaughan are headed: Hauraki’s drive show. As for Mikey Havoc, he will most likely be moved back to nights when this happens.

The next big question is when? I’m not going to attempt to pinpoint an exact date but my estimation is late April / early May. On Fletch and Vaughan’s final day on the Edge, Vaughan’s wife Sharde Smith posted this Instagram photo which gave away that rough date. They’re both currently on garden leave (stipulated by their contract).

Finally, what about Megan Sellers (Fletch and Vaughan’s old co-host)? She recently left The Edge too, also headed for TRN. I’m guessing that she will be reunited with the other two on Radio Hauraki on their new show.

In brief: My best guess is that Fletch, Vaughan and Megan will return to do a drive show on Radio Hauraki sometime around April / May this year. And as for the new show’s podcast: I’m sure there will be an official one produced by Hauraki, but if not, you’ll find it here :)